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Garden Lighting & Sockets

We can electrically install and repair a wide range of low voltage and safe outdoor garden lighting including garden feature lighting, walkway lighting, decorative lights and products which can really illuminate and show off garden features and landscaped areas at their very best.  Garden lights are a fabulous way of enjoying your garden in the evening, particularly for keen gardeners and those who have or are thinking about investing in landscaping. 

Rockeries, decorative walls, lawned areas, soft landscaping and water features can all look magnificent when lit carefully with high quality and durable outdoor lighting.  We can also work with garden designers, soft and hard landcapers to complete a garden design with lighting and electrics where it is safe to install them.  Low ebnergy usage, contemporary lighting can really make a difference to the amount of pleasure you can obtain from your garden.

Security lighting can also be installed for you in your garden at the same time.

Pond Lighting & Electrics

We are experienced in installing pond lighting with a safe electrical supply and lighting to show off the pond at its very best.  Fountains and other features can be shown off to stunning effect.  Colour can also be used to add a little extra outdoor theatre.  Underwater pond lights are also very popular.  Summer parties become much more atmospheric and pond lighting has the added benefit of alerting people to the location of water for additional safety.

Fish are often drawn to light and so lights around the edges of the pond can allow you and guests to view the fish clearly.  Timing devices can be used to switch lights off, as no doubt your fish will want to sleep too!  Of course, this also helps to manage power usage.

Extra Power Points

If you wish to have low voltage, garden-safe electrical points we can build them into garden walls and other areas that are useful such as near sheds and outbuildings.  We can also provide power to sheds, summer houses, garden offices, out-buildings, 'granny flats' and prefabricated buildings for business or leisure purposes.

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