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Consumer Unit Installation

We can install and replace new consumer units for home owners in their domestic properties, landlords, property management agents, solicitors looking after their clients property interests and letting agents. Wer can also install and replace in business premises.

If your consumer unit or fuse board is aged and needs replacement please call us on 07974 501673 or 0121 460 1518.  Attempting to replace your own consumer units, 'pulling service fuses' yourself if untrained and not registered to do so can be extremely hazardous or fatal, and can leave you exposed to live wiring if not dealt with correctly.

A common myth is that electricians often work on live wiring.  Experienced and registered electricians, even with many years experience will not work whilst electricity is live - and certainly not when alternative precautions can be taken.

We are able to ensure that correct continuity, loop resistance and testing of insulation are carried out if new ring circuitry or lighting circuitry is required.

we are abe to install new consumer units in new builds, replace consumer units, 'fuse boards' or 'fuse boxes' that are outdated and ensure all of this is done safely by a registered electrical contractor.

For more information and advice, or to tell us what type of work you wish our electricians to quote on please call us on 07974 501673 or 0121 460 1518, email us at