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Smoke Detector Installation

It is common knowledge that smoke alarms and smoke detectors can save lives.  At R Brampton Ltd we can fit smoke detectors you have purchased for your home or office, or we can supply and install them for you.

Our smoke detector installation service is available 7 days a week, 365 days a year.  If you suspect your mains powered smoke alarms are outdated or unreliable then the safe and convenient option is to appoint a fully qualified electrician to check, and as required, replace any faulty, unreliable or old smoke detectors.  The Direct Gove website recommends changing a detector at least every 10 years, unless you have found it to be faulty in the meantime.

A range of detectors are available, including ionisation smoke alarms to detect fast flaming fires.  Optical smoke alarms can also be very useful near areas that are prone to false alarms such as near your kitchen or cooking areas.  They activate quickly in response to visably smouldering smoke (e.g from furniture which is foam filled and overheated wiring).Optical alarms tend to be less prone to accidental triggering.

 We can also help with nuisance alarms. Certain types of alarms can become unpredictable and unreliable as their built in, non changeable batteries become worn down and this has been known to trigger nuisance alarms creating alarm, concern and a lack of sleep.  If you have had a nights sleep distrupted by false alarms it may be time to replace outdated smoke detectors for mains operated systems.

Have confidence in your home fire detection equipment

If you are unsure about how to install smoke alarms safely, ensuring they work reliably please call the experts on 07974 501673 or 0121 460 1518.

The number of house fires in the UK each year and tragic images from news stories constantly act as a reminder to us of how these simple devices can save the lives of a family through early detection.  The Direct Gov website states you are more than twice as likely to die in a fire at home if you do not have a smoke alarm that works.  Any alarms we supply will at least meet British Standard 5446, PArt 1 (BS 5446-1).  

If you are purchasing your own mains powered smoke detectors and wish us to install them then we suggest purchasing smoke alarms with a battery back-up in case of power cut.   Mains powered alarms with strobe lights and vibrating pads can also be installed for those people who are deaf or have difficulties with hearing.

We can work as smoke alarm installers for private home owners, residential care homes, offices and small business premises, apartments, landlords, letting agents and property management agencies.

For more information on smoke detector installation in Birmingham, Solihull and across the West Midlands and north Worcestershire please contact our qualified electricians on 07974 501673 or 0121 460 1518.